2016 news:

DAZZLE - Cutwater Love You To - wins two 5-point majors from the Bred By Class handled by your's truly!!!.. Exciting wins, the first at Mayflower PWD Clubs Supported Entry, and the second at Nutmeg PWD Club's Specialty. We are now working on training for water work and agility.
Dazzle's parents are sire: GrCh Cutwater Trumpeter of the Sea  CD BN OA AXJ OF AOM WWD. Dam: Cutwater Isn't She Lovely.
TRUFF - Cutwater Play Among The Stars
- wins best PWD in the 4-6 month puppy class three days in a row culminating with a Group 2. She's now in the 6-9 puppy class and doing well and learning the ropes. She has won 2 points so far from 9-12 month class, and has been awarded Reserve to majors several times. Truff's sire is Ch Bedlam Hopes and Dreams, and her dam is Cutwater Fly Me to the Moon.

FELA - Ch Sherwood 'n Cutwater Beat of My Heart
- finishes his AKC Championship at nine months of age. His sire is Grand Champion Manitou Black Magic CDX BN RA OA NAJ WWD and Ch Sherwood Win My Heart. She is co-bred by Sue Keogh and myself.

JIB - Ch Freestlye n Cutwater Flying Jib AWD
- finishes his AKC Championship and the following weekend wins his Apprentice Water title with a repeat the following day. His sire is Grand Champion Freestyle Back on Top, dam is Cutwater Rule Britannia.

B - Cutwater The Bee's Knees AWD
- aces her Apprentice Water title in July. Thank you Cathy her wonderful owner and handler.


BACO - Cutwater Special Reserve MX MXB MXJ MJB - owned by Barbara Kerensky - ran in the Westminster Kennel Club's 2016 Agility competition and won THIRD PLACE in the very competitive 20" division. He ran clear for all of the rounds up to the finals and was the FIRST dog to run in the 20" division, and he ran clean to 3rd place. SUPER DOG SUPER HANDLER, thank you Barbara.

Baco's dad is BACCHUS - MACH9 Ch Cutwater Wine And Dine Me MXC2 MJC2 XF6 WWD TDI SROM owned by Lori Chambers. Baco inherited some great genes!

BILLY - Ch Cutwater Admiral of the Fleet - owned by myself and John & Marian Messek. I finished Billy from the BRED BY Class in limited showing in 2015 and now I am showing him for his Grand Championship. Billy is by Grand Ch Mariner Shipshape Sebastian, and Cutwater Rule Britannia (Jag) who now lives in Norwalk with some old friends and has a wonderful time at the dog park and around town. Billy is huge fun to show and it's good to be back in the breed ring again!

2014 was a very hard year - we lost two very special dogs, one was my own PIPPIN, lost at age 7 to a very fast acting diffuce lymphosarcoma. I had 12 special weeks with her after diagnosis. We also lost BACCHUS, owned by Lori Chambers. Bacchus has, however, left behind some wonderful offspring, Baco, and you will be reading more about Dazzle, his grandaughter which I own. Dazzle's dad is Pippin's full brother, GCH CH Cutwater Trumpeter Of The Sea CD BN RN AX AXJ OF WWD GROM  "Triton". Dazzle is getting ready for the breed show ring and learning lots of games!

CALI - MACH9 Cutwater Heart Of The West MXS3 MJS3 FTC1 MFC2 TQX T2B14 CWD - owned by Barb Avila is proving to be a wonderful little worker - wow - she's collected titles this year! AND we had the great thrill of seeing her compete at the AKC Agility Invitational this year. She achieved wonders with Barb. They came in 6th Place overall and won First Place Working Dog, First Place PWD, and has already qualified for Eukanuba 2017.

Big SHOUT OUT: Cali is the first dog to qualify for the AKCs PREMIER title - yes FIRST DOG!

Cali is out of Sue Keogh's Ch Cutwater Rascal at Heart, and her sire is Griffin, Am/Can Ch Bantry B&B JumpJaxSplash CD OA OAJ RN CWDX GROM POM "Griffin", who left us this year at age 14. Cali earned her first MACH just 10 months after beginning to trial and is well on her way to MACH2. She's earned her PWDCA Courier Water Title in 2014 and is working towards her CWDX.
Cali lives in California where they can do agility all year round.  Well done Barb!

Cutwater is Proud to brag that they are the only PWD Breeder to have had two dogs win the #1 Working Dog at the AKC Agility Invitational.

Rosie - Ch Cutwater Heart of the Sea WWD - owned by Ann Camp & Jane Harding, sister to Cali - won her Breed Championship in 2015, and also her Apprentice Water Dog and Working Water Dog titles. She's working now on the Courier level in water and on agility.

Trip - MACH Cutwater
Trident Triple Threat MXS,
owned by Ron Avila enjoyed working on his Courier this last summer and has earned two legs towards his CWDX. He is keeping Ron on his toes in the agility classes by being VERY fast and Trip earned his first MACH this year! Ron is an accomplished agility competitor
and trainer with his previous agility dogs, so Trip is learning with the best! Keep an eye out for this dog in California!  In addition to his
MACH Trip is
half way to his FAST
Century title and half way to MACH2.
Trip will be going to Eukanuba 2017.

For a full explanation of a MACH please visit this site:

Triton - GCH CH Cutwater Trumpeter Of The Sea RN CD BN RN AX AXJ OF WWD GROM "Triton"
Triton is owned by Rhonda Levinowsky and has been working hard on agility which he LOVES - getting to water training is harder when Rhonda has to work full time with a long commute, but he's working on it!

Branco  - MACH2 Ch Evermere Cutwater Sterling Silver MXG MJG OF CWDX SROM- owned by Lori Chambers, Branco is the upcoming star! Branco is now at age 10 jumping in the Preferred Class and is still having fun!

RORY - Ch Cutwater Apple Aurora VCD1 RN AX AXJ OF CWD -, Earned her AX and AXJ 2012.  WELL DONE RORY!  In June 2012 she earns her CDX which makes her VCD2! Rory and Kathy Tinaglia earned her CWDX in Georgia in August, and continue to work towards their MACH.
BEEJ - Cutwater Day Dreamin' Boy NA OAJ NF WWD - owned by George Ziemba earned his Working Water dog title this year in addition to his NA, OAJ and Novice Fast titles. He is working on Courier. Well done George!

"Razzie", Cutwater Crazy Love RN AWD - we had a grand time at the AKC Rally Nationals. Razzie held up well in the intense competition, and we are training for offleash and sits and stays. She got her AWD, Apprentice Water Title in Michigan at the National Specialty last summer and is working on WORKING!  - although she thinks she can run around the boat when not working! Razzie is working in agility and won her Novice Agility title this summer.

 Pepper - Cutwater Song Of The Sea OAP OJP NFP AWD "Pepper" owned by Patty Hobin, started agility at the age of 5. In short order she  has earned several titles. She competes in the Preferred Classes (one jump height lower than the Standard Classes) in 2012 she earned her OP (Novice Fast Preferred) and her OAP (Open Agility Preferred) - now she moves to Excellent in AKC. Pepper recently placed first in her class in Fast, JWW and EX Preferred. Keep up the good work Patti!
Nick - Ch Cutwater Devil's Heart BN RN WWD owned by David and Mary Knoll has achieved his Championship in a very short time Nick's sire is Am/Can Ch Bantry B&B JumpJaxSplash CD OA OAJ RN CWDX GROM POM "Griffin", and his dam is Ch Cutwater Rascal At Heart. He earned his Beginner Novice Obedience in 2013. He earned his Apprentice Working Dog and Working Water Dog titles in short order and is working on COurier for 2016!

More to come........!

Cutwater's Current Dogs
  "As long as his
  extreme intelligence
  and exuberance are
  channeled by regular
  mental stimulation and
  physical exercise
  throughout his life, and
  basic obedience
  training when he is a
  young puppy, the PWD
  is a delightful, lovable
  family companion."
Ch Cutwater Apple Aurora VCD2 UD RN MX MXJ MJB XF MXB T2B CWD GROM "Rory"
 owned by Cathy Tinaglia.
© Kenneth Reed
Ch Cutwater Devil's Heart
"Nick" new champion 2011
Jagger earning her WWD
 and earned her CWD title 2016
photo © Jenna Bullis
Cutwater Day Dreamin’ Boy “Beej”
TD OA MXJ MJ XF T2B TD CWD, George Ziemba
© Trista Hidalgo
Pepper Agility 2012
Copyright Rich Knecht Photography
Mach2 Ch Evermere Cutwater
Sterling Silver CWDX SROM "Branco"
photo Copyright Richard Knecht 2012
A Cluster of Cutwater PWDs and their ribbons at the 2013 PWDCA Specialty in Oregon!
Photo Copyright Jenna Bullis 2013
Ch Cutwater Bad Moon Rising “Keeva”, BN RA NAJ WWD
co-bred and owned by Jenna Bullis
who earned her Courier Summer 2016
AWD AND WWD in one weekend! in 2014. WOWEE!!!!

"Cali" MACH9 Cutwater Heart Of The West,
T2B11 12 13 14, MXC2, MJB3, MFS2, MFC2, MXB3,
Barbara Avila, co-bred with Sue Keoghh
 & her 6th Place Ribbon
from 2015 Eukanuba AKC
National Agility Championships
photo Copyright Barb Avila
Cutwater Here There And Everywhere "Perry"
owned by Diana Schaub & Lauren Weiner
wins his first point at his first show in 2016
CH Cutwater Admiral of the Fleet "Billy"
owned by Jane Harding & John Messek
Champion 2015
Ch Cutwater Heart of the Sea WWD "Rosie"
finished 2015
handled by Kim Pastella and Jane Harding
"Truff" Cutwater Play Among The Stars
earns her first points under judge Pat Hastings
from the puppy class
"Dazzle" Cutwater Love You To
wins her second major at Nutmeg's Speciality in June 2016
"Baco" Cutwater Special Reserve, owned by
 Barbara Kerensky competing at Westminster KC's 2016 show and coming 3rd in the 20" Finals
 photo copyright Terri Keiffer
New Champion 2016
Sherwood n Cutwater Beat of My Heart
owned by Sue Keogh
New Champion New AWD 2016
Ch Freestyle n Cutwater Flying Jib AWD
owned by Kim DuCharme-Nickerson
photo copyright owner
New Apprentice Water Title 2016
Cutwater The Bee's Knees
owned by Cathy Tinaglia
full sister to Keeva below