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Cutwater Foundations
  "As long as his
  extreme intelligence
  and exuberance are
  channeled by regular
  mental stimulation and
  physical exercise
  throughout his life, and
  basic obedience
  training when he is a
  young puppy, the PWD
  is a delightful, lovable
  family companion."
Ch White Cap Craca CD AD
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Am/Can Ch Cutwater Hope
and Glory
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Ch Cutwater Ebony and Ivory,
sibling to Ch Cutwater Hope and Glory
aunt of Ch Cutwater Wet and Wetter
Our Foundation,  from the left
Ch Charkit Alexander, Ch Charkit April Amar, Whiteposts Queque,
Ch White Cap Craca CD, Ch Alfama Ubo
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Ch Cutwater Simply Divine
Specialty Win - Nutmeg PWD Club 2000
Ch Cutwater Wet and Wetter
Working Group Show
Best Puppy in Show 2003
MACH7 Ch Cutwater Wine And Dine Me MXC2 MJC2 XF6 WWD TDI "Bacchus"
2011 Eukanuba #1 Working dog
owned by Lori Chambers,  Bacchus is NOT only the #5 PWD by Agility Points in 2008 and 2009. He was also invited to the AKC Eukanuba Invitational, in 2011 where he placed #1 PWD in the Working Group and Top Placing PWD - he was indeed the ONLY PWD in the finals! This win followed is 2009 placements of 4th place in the 20" height class #2 in the Working Group. Bacchus is also a Therapy Dog - he can do it all! Well done Lori! You made us ALL proud! Bacchus earned his Mach 6 and 7 in 2012 and at the age of 10 is moving onto Mach8!

Bacchus has been one of the TOP FIVE AKC PWDs for the last five years. He is the ONLY PWD to ever be invited and attend the AKC Eukanuba Breed AND Agility Inivationals.

Bacchus died in 2014 of lymphoma at age 12