the main site - for more information about the breed.

Orthopedic Foundation
for Animals (OFA):

- The Main Site

- to verify Health Checks (OFA hips, elbows & CERF)

- to get a Pedigree (parents and grandparents of a dog):
        1. go to this page on the OFA website
        2. enter the AKC registered name of the dog (e.g. "Cutwater Hope and Glory")
        3. click on the dog's name from the resulting list
        4. on the next page, choose "Vertical Pedigree"

Canine Eye Research Foundation (CERF):
- The Main Site

- to verify a CERF eye check
        1. enter the breed of dog
        2. enter the AKC registered name
        You will be shown each year the dog was eye-checked with CERF
        This list is updated daily.


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Cutwater 7 week old curly puppy
Some Pedigrees in the OFA database are incomplete -- there can be several reasons:
  1. Old records (not updated)
  2. Dog not registered with the AKC (i.e. Canadian Kennel Club-registered dogs)
  3. Complete information was not given on OFA application
  4. Human error (rare but it does happen)
  5. Data not entered yet